Coors Light Louie's Campus Corner The Garage

 Kelso kicks off your football weekend each Friday afternoon from 4p-7p with great beer specials from Coors Light and a chance to win tickets to Saturday’s big game in Norman.

See for yourself why they call the Garage the best place for a burger in Norman. Fresh bison, turkey or angus beef along with fresh cut fries or homemade chips.

The Garage
307 East Main Street, Norman, OK. - (405) 701-7035

Louie's is a casual American-fare grill and pub. It serves a variety of mid-priced food and beverages in a come-as-you-are atmosphere. Louie's is positioned as a neighborhood restaurant with strategically placed flat screen televisions featuring your favorite regional sporting events. It's a great place to unwind with friends and family every day of the week.

Louie's Campus Corner
301 West Boyd Street, Norman, OK  - (405) 366-6291

Live Crimson, Go Silver with the Flagship station for OU football 107.7 KRXO and Coors Light!

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