One final thank you to Bob Barry Jr.


     The moment he walked up and introduced himself with a smile and a handshake in 1987, Bob Barry Jr. became my favorite local sportscaster. Junior quickly turned and introduced his legendary sportscaster father, Bob Barry Sr., who immediately became my second favorite. Sportscaster Bill Teegins soon arrived from Tulsa and completed my favorite trifecta. Read more...

Look for Fowler to win his first major this weekend

Former OSU great will make sure it's cheese fries for everyone at the U.S. Open

     Located just south of Seattle along Puget Sound, Chambers Bay appears to be a misfit. Read more...

Thunder's fate could take a hard hit tonight

OKC is relying on the rival Grizzlies to beat Pelicans

Najera-Cleaves collision revisited this week

OU and MSU meet in NCAA Tournament for first time since the 1999 TKO

OU vs. KU: From title bout to mismatch?

Jayhawks hobble into Norman with 11th straight Big 12 title already won

     When the Big 12 released its 2014-15 schedule, the March 7 contest between Oklahoma and Kansas might as well have been posted as a flashing neon sign. The season finale at Lloyd Noble Center seemed destined to be a showdown for this year’s conference crown. Read more...

Time for Serge to step up and deliver

This wanna-be All-Star needs to play like one

     At a time when Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka should be stepping up, he instead is stepping out -- as in farther away from the basket. Read more...

No interest in Florida, but betting odds say differently

Gundy, Stoops are favored to coach Gators, but claim no interest

     As Monday evening approached, Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy was the odds-on favorite to become the next football coach at Florida at 7/2, This was according to Bovada out of Las Vegas. Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops was listed second at 5/1. Read more...

Yes, Morrow can shoot; why so surprised?

Thunder's new shooting guard off to a sizzling start

     Anthony Morrow has played slightly less than 46 total minutes and taken all of six shots from 3-point range, but many local fans already are wondering if he's the best 3-point shooter in Thunder history. Read more...

Time for Sooners to recapture their manhood

OU resembled a bunch of weaklings against the Baylor Bullies last Saturday

     If the Sooners have finished removing all the sand that was kicked in their face, here is a suggestion as to how they can regain some of their dignity after getting beat to a pulp by the Baylor Bullies last Saturday on Owen Field. Read more...

Thunder's playoff chances hinge on this week -- seriously

If 50 wins are required to reach the postseason, OKC must start winning now

     This will sound a little bit crazy. Then again, what doesn’t sound crazy these days with the OKC Thunder. Read more...