New Rock for Old Guys!
Posted 9/30/2010 1:36:00 PM


I LOVE classic rock.  I like it old, loud and…..old and loud!  I like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Doors...even the weird stuff like King Crimson and Blue Cheer.  I firmly believe they haven’t improved on the genre since Zeppelin called it quits with “In Through the Out Door.”  Until recently I was pretty convinced, if a guy, my age, wants good rock and roll he’d better look in the 60’s or 70’s…and, if you give it a minute, that’s a mighty fierce bummer.

...but today it ain't like it was...Remember standing in line at a RECORD STORE?...that buzz you got when you heard a cool, new song for the first time?....I just CAN’T be the only one…  I used to hit Rainbow Records early on Tuesdays, ‘cause on Tuesdays, there were new treasures on the shelves.   You could find real gems on Tuesdays…or some real turds.  I discovered most the great music we dig on Tuesdays…if I want, I can close my eyes and, the day I heard “Book of Dreams” for the first time rolls HD clear on the replay in my mind. 
... I also stepped in Europe and White Lion on a Tuesday and spent the rest of the day scrapping it off…

It was never a snipe hunt either, there was always a pay-off…for every Matty and Gunnar Nelson or Aldo Nova,  there was Iggy and the Stooges or Bad Company or Ted Nugent…or somebody  to bash in some pretty boy heads in order to demonstrate how one, truly, rocks out.


  …life was good.
And then, something happened, something bad…we got old, music changed, Steve Jobs killed record stores and it all got a little too wierd.  It’s like, we were tossed overboard into angry, silent seas!  After 35-ish, music stopped making any sense…and certainly not in that cool-DavidByrne kinda way.

it was sad...I feared we were all lost…all the rock we had or was ever gonna get was behind us.  Rock and roll is music by kids for kids and it hates adults…

in other words, We.  Stopped.  Mattering.  All that’s left to do is, admit that we have finaly become our parents,

  chug metamucil, lay down and die…but the voices in my head wont let me...


“Do not go quietly into that good night…rage, rage against the dying of the light”


Hell No!  I don’t wanna  get old,  Hell No!   I don’t wanna die and Hell No!  I, sure as hell, don’t wanna give up on that feeling I had before the mind programming set it.

Call it a mid-life crisis, if that makes you feel better...
…I did have a dream about a Harley and a 22 year old cocktail waitress once…but, I gotta believe there’s something out there for us.   Rock and roll from bands who know all roads, good roads anyway, lead to the Rolling Stones.  Monster guitar riffs from kids who have felt the Hammer of the Gods and liked it…rock and roll the way God and Muddy Waters intended it. 

New Rock for Old Guys!

It’ll be our Grail Quest…our middle aged version of my high school, chi centering, mantra, “sex, drugs, rock and roll!  Disco sucks and so does soul!”…Ian Drury rules!

New Rock for Old Guys!

We’ll find the good stuff and pass it round the alter…puffpuffpass…and crank it to the glory of Jimi and praise it in the name of Janis. 

Something remind you of your first Tom Petty concert?, make you lay back and chill like Steely Dan? or jump up and drive real fast like the first time you heard “Born to Run?”…bring it to the sanctuary and share it with your brothers…pass that good word around.

New Rock for Old Guys!

…that’s the good idea..let’s make a club.  Let’s be Old Guys who like New Rock.  New Rock from Old Guys is great…Clapton’s new CD is worth hearing… New Rock from new guys, Old Rock from new guys, or New Guys who learned Rock  from the Old Guys…

And if we can gather enough members to our flock of Rock, if our congregation in the Houses of the Holy grows large enough, We. WILL. Matter.  We’re middle aged, we’ve got disposable income and we like to rock!  That’s power!, that’s an economic sector!  Market moving potential!...Brother, that's a revolution...

…and now for the treasure.

Ever heard of the Fratellis? 

They’re a 3 piece from Glasgow, none of them are named Fratelli, even though they all use the name on stage…a nod to the Ramones, which shows their roots and their respect.  The name came from the bad guys in the Goonies and, the Fratell’s sound like the Beatles and the Stones finally made a baby…



I’ve heard they’ve broken up…That figures...the new bands I like are broken up and God kills the Old Guys I like.  But, I dig The Fratelli’s…I got the download from Itunes, it’s good in the gym.

Try the Youtube channel, next time the boss ain’t around.

Or their website is got some cool stuff on it too.

How about Taddy Porter? 

Taddy Porter, named after the beer, was formed in Stillwater in 2007.  I’ve heard, “if Joe Cocker had a baby with Robert Plant it would be (lead singer/guitar) Andy Brewer.”  “This is Paul Rogers 1969, if Free came from Stillwater.”  Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin morphed into one giant crunchy guitar riff beast and  ate Little Feat…is what it sounds like to me.

…it’s just good shit, maaaan!

Their website has links to the music if you want to do the right thing and support Okie based rock and roll.
There ‘s enough Taddy Porter videos on youtube to waste thousands of corporate man hours!
I'm beginning to feel like ugly, hairy dudes with bell bottoms and loud Les Pauls are cool again...something that makes my soul sing!  Enough pretty, enough schlock...;LET'S ROCK.
The music is out there and I'm going to find it.  There's Youtube, there's Itunes and, there's always your kids' mp3 collection...if you find something cool, drop me a line ( and we'll put it up.  It can be anything, heavy, easy, middle of the road, country rock, progressive rock...just cool shit that reminds the rest of the congregation why our hearing has gone bad.  Check back here from time to time for new devotionals.  Brothers and Sisters, Let the Revolution Begin!
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  1. Shanon Buckingham posted on 10/15/2010 08:29 AM
    Dave, love that you are joining the 21st Century and blogging, but comparing that dude to two of my idols is well, going a little far...he doesn't have the range of Plant or the dirty gritty of JoeC. But a sweet tune for sure. FYI, Hairy dudes with bell bottoms and loud Les Pauls were never ugly to me...more like hypnotic magnets. And thanks for publicly validating my hearing loss...I thought it was just me. TURN IT UP!
  2. Rev. Trigger posted on 10/19/2010 11:36 PM
    It's about damn time! I've dug up some goodies like these in the past, and I gotta say I'm very glad to see I'm not alone in wanting some rock that will NOT fit neatly into their pop/rock formulated musical B.S. Give me something with teeth! something that grabs you by the short hairs and makes you want to drink and do bad things with strangers. Kelso, thanks for holding the torch up high... A light to follow in our time of need. With enough of us, we could kill off this American idol style of music. Cause its extinction like dinosaurs and disco. Amen!
  3. Chris "Beerman" Davis posted on 10/20/2010 05:01 PM
    Hey Kelso, you may remember me...I drive a yellow '68 VW truck that was on the first Scoot for Conservation. I was thinking about this very subject not too long ago. Have you heard of Dr. Dog? They're freaking cool, kinda like the Band crossed with the Beatles. I've been turned onto them for a couple of years now, thanks to Steve Jobs and iTunes (I know...) They'll be here on Nov. 10, and it'll be the second time I've seen them. They might take a second listen for some, but if you give them a chance, they'll get you. There's also My Morning Jacket, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and a few others out there worth listening to. They have fallen under "new hippy" category, but I don't think they're "new hippy" at all, just great music from people who appreciate great music. I make my own beer, by the way, and am also a self-proclaimed beer snob. Can you say "never too hoppy"? Anyway, I'm glad I was listening to your show today. Thanks for thinking of us...
  4. Doug Folks posted on 10/22/2010 04:59 PM
    I'm right with ya, Brother. Joe Bonomassa is one of the most underrated "new" guys out there. What a guitar-slinger! And if you haven't heard Jackie Greene, pick up his Gone Wanderin' CD. He's kind of a country Jackson Brown.
  5. Steve Ancik posted on 10/26/2010 01:25 PM
    How about needtobreathe "the outsiders" - new rock that I like and I'm somewhere past 50!
  6. john posted on 10/27/2010 04:35 PM
    hi dave ok i get it 'new' rock for (us)old guys guess i need to mention "uro steppe" .... and ... yea id like to hear/learn about some new rock john alpine imports
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