New Rock for Old Guys chapter 2
Posted 12/3/2010 2:49:00 PM

…Chapter 2…hmmmmm

This has turned out cooler than I’d first anticipated…

I just wanted to hear something different…something new.

I had no idea I was going to have this much fun!

Bob Seger said he wrote “Rock and Roll never forgets” when he realized, at a show one night, he was the oldest guy in the room...Bob was calling out, reaching out from under the stage lights…to us! You and to Me!  The message was and loud and clear and unmistakable!  Yes, we may be a little bit older and…somewhat…less bold but there is an alternative to the nightly news and reruns!

WE made this music, WE taught them how to rock, WE taught THEM everything they know!...It is right, well and good with God that…



I’ve seen live bar bands I’ve never heard of before, I’ve read about new musicians on the internet, I deciphered, decoded and learned how to browse on Itunes and I actually spent 20 minutes in Best Buy lookin’ at CD’s…and I SWEAR there used to be a LOT more of ‘em

…but this is FUN!  Rockin’ is FUN!

Unless you have TOOOOO much fun and realize you can party every bit as hard as you could when you were 20.  It just takes 3X’s as long to recover...and that can get pretty ugly

…finding some new sound to drive too fast to, realizing yet again that rock and roll is better loud…just diggin’ on it!...Rock and Roll remembered me!

But, it seems, no matter how old I get…the ultimate rush…the Biggest BUZZ is the houselights going down right before the show starts…and then the opening song blows your brains out….   I still feel that electricity, that buzz of anticipation…the air goes live with possibilities….I like it live

Brother, I have been to the wilderness, been drenched in stale cigarette smoke, suffered hangovers.  I’ve been scared, beaten and changed and I have returned with a message for you, message of hope….

There is Rock in the wilderness…and it is GOOD Rock!

…now, I’ve said this before…but it bears repeating again and again and again...

We, here in Oklahoma, are blessed with an unusual amount of real kick-ass local talent.  We have a ton of great bands who slog it out in the bars, nightclubs, and concert halls every night, putting on great shows.

...Big bars, small bars, Big bands and small bands…country, blues, rock, weirdo-bizaaro…there’s PLENTY to go see.

I consider it a sign of weak character and a poor moral upbringing that I didn’t give few props and wot!-wots to the local boys last time

Sooooo,  having said that and under the heading of,

Glaring Mistakes and Things I Shoulda Added in Chapter One”

Let’s talk local…

a few weeks back, I was out with other Old Guys who dig New Rock…Mama Sweet was at the Deli. 

…The Deli, for me is NEVER a good idea.  But, it’s ALWAYS fun.

The bar, packed; the smoke, thick; body heat warping the air around the front door….

 We paid our covers and slipped into the cloud instantly becoming the oldest people in the room…everybody’s looking at the band.  Every eye in the house was on the band.

….even the guy with his head in the toilet was listening. 


There's a good reason..They should.  This is good stuff, this is GREAT music!  This is homemade, it’s self imagined music made with heart, passion and obvious heavy respect for them that come before… It’s good to dance to, drink to, listen to and get groovy to.  

Mama Sweet is most positively and uniquely Oklahoman…

…they’ve got that sound that makes the tornados and the desperate good times really come to life…

They’ve got a good look to match that great sound.  They look like us…or younger versions of us anyway.  The lead singer, Aron Holt is a good front man…sounds good, looks good and handles a crowd like he’s been to bed with at least half of ‘em and has partied with all of ‘em.  Their guitarist, Alan Orebaugh  is surprisingly good…you just don’t expect sounds like that to come from a guy who looks he played left tackle on your high school football team...recently.  The rhythm section is tight and looks like they might

have been separated at birth. 

Mama Sweet is, I believe a band that, one day you’re gonna be able to say, “I knew ‘em before…”


I’ve been through about a  gajillion Mama Sweet videos at Youtube and, unfortunately, the audio kinda sucks on most of ‘em…here’s a good one from the Granada Theatre last year.



They’ve got a pretty good website with bio’s, info and dates.

You can get their stuff on Itunes but it’s WAY more fun to just buy the CD at a Mama Sweet show!

Next up on my list of bands you’ve probably already heard about…’cause I’m ALWAYS  the last to know…is the Jonbear Fourtet.

I stumbled across this gem of a band at Groovefest earlier this year...a great event btw, fun and good to take the kids to.  Unless patchouli and dreadlocks on white kids bothers you…

They’re a 6 piece…and I think that sorta thing is funny, a FOURtet with 6 guys in the band…from Norman with talent to spare.  Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jon Barnoskie will make you think Jack Johnson meets John Mayer but funkier and with a better stage rap.  Kyle Reid has spent  A LOT of time practicing that pretty, red Strat.  They come with a horn section and a rhythm section that WILL make your bootie wiggle.  I’ll go again…and that’s about the highest compliment I can pay a band!



…and I seriously dig this one too.

You can find ‘em on My Space,

…and there’s a halfwaydecent channel on YouTube with some good videos,

“Melt that Cold,” an ’08 release is available through your Itunes store…and worth the 9 bucks.

There are so many more great local bands that are worthy of your support, time and beer energy.  It’s time for you to get out there and dig on ‘em…you know you want to!  Find one that flips your switch and let us know about it…we’ll share it with the congregation.

The last band on our list is local in a real broad sense of the word.

…Dallas is local, right?

It’s Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights and they will rock your FACE off! 

It’s been too damn long since I’ve been this excited about a new rock and roll band….and make no mistake, this is amps up to 11, tunelow-playhard-and golikehell rock and roll.  It’s “Papa Blues and Mama Soul”, it’s loud as hell, really cool, not over produced-autotuned garbage…it’s pure rock and roll in all it’s ugly and inappropriate for civilized society glory.

If you’re into it, there’s some decent pics of their last live show at the Wormy Dog up on the KRXO Kelso Facebook page.!/pages/KRXO-Kelso/157984937565396

The title track from their debut album, “Pardon Me” says it all to me….

…’maybe it’s been too long since rock and roll turned you on/so wont you pardon me…just let it set you free.!’

…and then it gets LOUD

Here’s JT&tNL doin’ “Pardon Me” on Jimmy Kimmel Live


If you dig that one, you’re gonna LOVE this one…

They’ve got the usual webistes and myspace pages.

You can download live shows through the website..which is worth registering for.  You can buy the album through the itunes store.  Its called “Pardon Me” and it will blow your doors off.

WE are the last generation who knows what it’s like to stand in line for a new release from our favorite band…WE are those who came before! 

Those little freaky wierdos in the pants with too many zippers are standing on OUR shoulders!

Rock and Roll has not forgotten you.  It’s waiting for you in the concert halls, smoky bars and online record stores…now, go home and get some!


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