New Rock for Old Guys chapter 3
Posted 3/30/2011 1:13:00 PM

New Rock for Old Guys 3

How’s your 2011 going so far?  This year is going to be a weird one.  We’ve had a 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and a 11/11/11.  Aaaand, if you take the last two digits of the year you were born and add it to how old you will be this year you’ll get…111.

…see, weird huh?  Go ahead and try it.  I just pissed off every woman in the office by asking how old they’re gonna be this year.  It adds up.


….and snow, lots and lots of snow.  I am VERY over it…Next fool who mentions “global warming” to me is gonna get it.  In truth, I’d be more than a little okay with some “global warming.”  How’s about we get all the aerosol cans of Right Guard we can find and see if we can warm this globe ourselves?

How’s your rock and roll going so far?  Found any good bands yet?  Have you started looking?  Screw the gym and eatin’ right…make your resolution to go find good rock that you’ve never heard before that really nails you to the floor. 

…You might not live as long as you would if you’d decided to eat right and exercise but you’ll have more fun! 

....Okay, in deference to my friends at Downtown Fitness of Norman, who really do want you to eat right and live longer, let’s check out some great new music for your ipod…while you’re working out.


First up is my new favorite chick-singer band.  It’s Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and they are AWESOME. 

This is long hair, blue jeans and loud guitars.  It's not rocket science or complicated.  It's not about politic or trying to save the world.  It's just rock and roll!

Grace...who's hotter than fire in case you care...roars like Janis but has Tina Turner’s well worn, old soul and funky nasty.  She's equally talented behind the piano, microphone or a Gibson Flying V.

Their twin guitarists, Bennie Yurco and Scott Tournet will draw comparisons to almost any great guitar duo you care to name…Dickie and Duane, Keith and Ronnie, Gary Rossington and Steve Gaines…they’re just that good.  One review said they’re like The Rolling Stones (circa Exile on Main Street) fronted by a young Etta James/Tina Turner/Bonnie Raitt type singer.  Playboy said the new self titled album “drives like a 73 Mustang convertible.”  They cite JJ Cale, Little Feat, Bob Dylan, the Band and Van Morrison as early influences…which is damn fine with me

…this is OUR music filtered through the next generation!

The lead cut on their newest album is called “Paris (Ooh La La).”  Grace says she’s not trying to tell a story or communicate any emotion.  “I’m going to basically say, ‘I want to have sex, right now.’” 

….uhhhhh, ummmm….Wow!

Those are some Big, Crunchy Riffs huh?  She says she was going for something like “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals cut their touring teeth on the jam band circuit…first time I saw ‘em was with Govt Mule at the Cains a while back…but if this is a jam band, they’re the rockin-est of the bunch.  They’ll rock a hippie sober!  But that many miles on the road, they play about 200 dates a year, and that much time on stage without a net has refined this band into one tight, sharp and kick ass rock and roll band.

Since we’re talking classic rock roots…here’s a great version of “White Rabbit.”

Just FYI, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals will blow the roof off the Bricktown Event Center on February 13th.  Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, a band who’s been mentioned here before, is the opening act.  DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!

tickets are through ticketstorm...cause ticket master right HERE and get a good seat.

GPtN have a ton of videos up on Youtube,..

and they're right HERE

..and their website is full of good stuff, tour dates and merch..


…and now for something completely different.

Have you heard of the TRUTH AND SALVAGE COMPANY?  

 It’s not an attorney or somebody who’ll reclaim your lost youth or unsully your ruined reputation…it’s a great rock and roll band who’s got the Southern California/Country rock thing down cold.

…you may curse me for saying this, but they’re a mile and a half better than the Eagles and with a LOT less ego.

The Truth and Salvage Co is about as American as a rock and roll band gets.  The 6 members of this band hail from Atlanta, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Tupelo, and somewhere in Ohio.  There are 6 guys and  4 lead singers and a whole LOT of great story telling in some fantastic songs.  Their debut album, produced by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, is PERFECT road trip music.  It goes from country rock to straight ahead rock and roll to alternative.  Deep, rich harmonies, killer riffs and excellent musianship…It’s acoustic, it’s electric, cowboy boots and Ramones t-shirts.  The songs tell stories, they rock and they relax.  These songs beg for the open road. 

They played Bonnaroo last year…I’m WAY too old for 3 days in a field with all night drum circles...

…but I hear it was a great set.  The lead track from their new, self titled CD is called, “Hail Hail”

In the spring of ’09 Truth and Salvage Co played several shows in Iraq…which earns them all KINDS of cool points with me.


It’s funny…this is the sorta stuff you wish us radio stars had the stones to play but are kinda glad we don’t.  A lot of the magic of bands like the Truth and Salvage Co comes from having to find it…and NOT having it jammed down your throat or overplayed to death.  There’s a certain joy in going to a T&Sco show and hanging out with people who know the same secret you know…

…so now you know the secret too.  Pass it on

My favorite song from the album, at least for now, is “Call Back”


The website is

..and once again, youtube comes through. There’s a bunch of great videos up, some live and some done real well. Click Here.

Now, that’s my part…and I’m gonna keep right on lookin’ but, what do you have? This is supposed to be a collaborative effort…

Do you know/like/love a new rock and roll band that really speaks truth and honors them that came before? What buncha young punks makes you think, “those kids were brought up right with just the right amount of wrong?”

Let’s hear about it! Local bands, big bands, small bands, bar bands, funky, stanky…whatever. Who are they and who do they remind you of?

Post comments below or email ‘em to me at Keep rockin’…I’ll see you at the show.

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    Thanks for the schoolin'. Looking forward to seeing Grace Potter with you on Sunday.
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