New Rock for Old Guys chapter 4
Posted 11/28/2011 10:45:00 PM

My quest continues.  There’s good rock, good new music out there. 

When I cast my eyes upon the sea of mediocrity that is popular music today – I have to believe in something more than Britney or Justin.

 There are musicians – out there right now – who stole their licks from the Gods of Rock and Roll.  Bands burned grabbing for the torch left by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, the Who and Tom Petty and legions of others…


…toes tappin, head bobbin’, volume’s up to a level that is certainly inappropriate for an office environment.

Let’s get to rockin’…

First, and mainly ‘cause I really like the name, is Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears.  They’re from Austin, they’re INSANELY talented and they WILL rock your face off.  There’s no real way to put this 7 headed hydra-monster of rock, funk, soul, blues and sweat into any one category.  Any band who’s toured with the Dave Matthews Band AND the New York Dolls will fight every step of the way into any cubbyhole. 

They are, at the same time something very familiar and entirely unique.  Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears are a whole LOT of things. 

When I spin the new disc “Scandalous” I hear George Clinton, Elmore James, James Brown,  Robert Johnson, Al Green, the Rolling Stones, a whole BUNCH of RL Burnside, some Booker T and the MG’s or anything Memphis Soul-sounding…but Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears sure as hell ain’t a soul band.  Joe’s more of a shouter than a crooner.  The Honey Bears have enough soul, but they’ve got a ton of dirty nasty funk to.  Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears sound like the Blues Brothers with more Otis Redding.   The songs rave and holler about timeless dilemmas.  Cheating, loving, one night stands, not enough whiskey, too much whiskey, chasing that impossible dream…they make you wanna dance and shout and roar to the world that you’re happy just to be alive.

think, the deep down roots of rock and roll…real oooold school shit

…think, loud-proud and balls to the wall

From the first album “TELL ‘EM WHAT YOUR NAME IS!” here’s “SUGARFOOT”…dig this good and loud!


Black Joe Lewis and the HoneyBears are part of this years’ Norman Music Festival.  So, on April 30th, you can see for yourself just how awesome this funky monster of a band is.

You can roll by  There are videos, a bio and some cool stuff in the online shop.

Uncle Lucius, the next band on my list, is proof positive that I need to start listening when Trigger Latimer calls. 

Trigger-the great tattoo-er to the stars, called and said Uncle Lucius was at the Wormy Dog.  He called ‘em funky, dirty- butt rock…I like the Wormy Dog, they’ve got good scotch and bar tenders who know the difference and I like the idea of rock so good it’ll make your butt dirty.

…but I didn’t go.  It’s too late, I’m too old, I’m tired, I don’t wanna go by myself…my old-ass-itis was flarin’ up

Uncle Lucius, who brings the Band to mind almost immediately,  is a collective of true believers.  Four guys who know that live rock and roll played regularly is the purest and sincerest form of communication there is…it’s also good for your soul.  This is, as they say, rock and roll for your soul.

These are not pretty people, but they sound great.  Kevin Galloway has got a voice you wont soon forget.  Mike Carpenter on lead guitar is classic, awesome rock with an extra dose of George Jones songs. 

…there is a definite country-rock vibe at work in Uncle Lucius.  It’s the South-Austin-thing working it’s way out..

Josh Greco and Hal Vorpahl will make your bootie wiggle…even if you’re old and it’s only a little.  This isn’t music for fashion freaks or style gurus…if you like to groove and boogie, yell and stomp your feet, then, my fellow unwashed heathen, Uncle Lucius is for you.

There’s a player  at their website that’s got the album playin’ right now.

The new “Pick Your Head Up” is great, it’s a must have on any roadtrip.  This is great music for driving.  This is a band that lives to be live though.


If I’m worthy, the Rock-Gods will route them through OKC again and I seize the chance to redeem myself and see these guys live…

Good rock lives.  It’s out there and we gotta get it before these young freaks in ‘skinny jeans’ can lay hooves on it.  Will you join the crusade?  Have you heard anything great lately? 

Something that reminds you of your favorite concert/guitar player/roadtrip story….Well….?

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