KRXO’s extensive Classic Rock library provides enormous variety and greater depth. KRXO’s personalities grew up with the music and deliver the format with a no-hype, straight ahead style that has won the loyalty of Oklahoma City’s mature Classic Rock listeners.

KRXO’s adult audience is the prime target for most advertisers. These are upscale, dual income households. Anxious to try new products and services and not yet entrenched in their buying habits. With careers established, many have families and are in the prime of their spending years. Classic Rock has the highest percent of listening at work of any format. KRXO gives our listeners even more reasons to listen at work by offering cash incentives, prize giveaways and other “employee” benefits to our Workforce Members.

Location: 400 E. Britton Road Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm Monday thru Friday
Request Line: (405) 460-ROCK (7625)
Business Office: (405) 478-5104
Sales Office: (405) 478-5104