Winnebago Man
Posted 7/6/2012 10:29:00 AM

Oh wow... So I was a little slow at finding this 2009 release by Director Ben Steinbauer called "Winnebago Man". Jack Rebney is a well spoken professional that was simply having a bad day making a crappy industry video for the Winnebago company. There's something to say about the proper use of profanity and Jack seems to have perfected it. I don't believe that Jack is as angry as he seems... During the shooting of his video it seems that he was more disgusted with himself for not remembering the lines that he wrote. His recent rants are more of a disgust of politics, humanity (or the lack of) and the modern world. I've seen the YouTube videos before but never the documentary until last night. You gotta see this movie. It's F@#*ing hilarious. CAUTION!!! The YouTube videos and the movie are filled with profanity. Check out the Winnebago Man website. Jack Rebney reminds me of somebody, but I just can't put my finger on it.... Unkle Dave

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