Unkle Dave
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Ya'll think you know Classic Rock but you ain't never heard it like done like this. Unkle Dave "turns it up to 11" every weeknight and he wants you to come be a part of the picnic.
"Grab yer self an' ice cold brew, or whatever else you like to do that helps enhance yer evening on it's way. Crank yer radio way up high. Go ahead now, don't be shy. Gonna spend the night with Unkle Dave..."

"Get the Led Out" weeknights at 8 with your Good Unkle Dave. Live Cuts, Lost Classics and more from the mighty Led Zeppelin.

Unkle Dave Show Theme Song
"Unkle Dave Show Theme Song" written, recorded and performed by R.B. Yates.


Unkle Dave Bad Ass Ridz